Ventilation & Your Roof: Why Is This Important?

March 20, 2020

As healthy lungs are important to a body, a healthy ventilation system is important to a home.  

The lungs bring fresh oxygen into the body and remove waste gases, and a quality ventilation system brings fresh air into a home and controls the flow of air throughout the house. Proper air flow improves the circulation of air within a house and reduces moisture levels.  

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While healthy lungs improve the performance of the human body, quality ventilation provides a healthy, natural air flow which improves the health of a home.  Alternatively, poor roof ventilation can lead to expensive repairs and high utility bills. In extreme cases, poor roof ventilation can even cause roof deterioration. Proper ventilation is a key component to ensure the longevity of a home’s roof.

Why is ventilation important to a home?  

As hot air rises in a home, it creates a higher pressure in the attic.  The exhaust cannot escape unless cooler, low-pressure air enters.  This process is known as intake.  An attic that is well ventilated will have a natural flow of air in and out of the home, and this flow is critical to the overall health of a home.  A proper ventilation system provides a natural air flow that improves the air quality in a  home and eliminates odors and contaminants.  Ventilation also provides for the overall protection and safety of a home and increases the lifespan of the roof.

Insufficient ventilation can lead to moistures problems and can lead to low levels of oxygen in a house. If the trapped air cannot escape the home, carbon dioxide can build up and cause shortness of breath and headaches.

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How does ventilation support the health of a roof?

Proper ventilation is vital to the health of a roof, and poor ventilation can cause significant damage. For example, during winter months, cold snow and trapped, warm air can cause ice dams in a poorly vented attic.  As these ice dams melt and refreeze, it creates a barrier preventing water from running off the roof. This water accumulation can cause water damage and leaky spots on the roof, leading to costly repairs or even a roof collapse. Proper ventilation can prevent ice dams from building up and keep roofs structurally sound.

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Outside of winter months, insufficient ventilation can cause roof deck warping, buckled shingles, and damage to siding which can decrease the lifespan of a roof. Additionally, if moisture builds in the attic, it can rust valuable home appliances like plumbing, heating and venting ducts which can be expensive to repair. Correctly installed ventilation can prevent hot air build up in the attic and relieve many of these issues. Just as healthy lungs deliver fresh oxygen and rid the body of waste gases, the natural air flow of intake and exhaust creates a well-ventilated attic.

What are the benefits of ventilation?

The benefits of proper roof ventilation are many.  Quality roof ventilation extends the life of the roof and reduces moisture and energy costs.  Roof ventilation also prevents indoor temperature extremes.  However, too many roof vents can create more roof penetration and can cause areas on the roof where leaks or damage may appear. A professional will be able to assess the needs of your home and suggest a ventilation system that will fit your home and budget, saving you money in the short-term and long-run. Therefore, talk to the professionals to discover the unique needs of ventilation for your home.  When you find the best ventilation system for your roof, you and your home will breathe easier.

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