Upgrade Your Home’s Exterior with Stonework

August 1, 2022

For centuries, stone exteriors have been regarded as timelessly stylish and beautiful. But where it used to require an extensive amount of time and money to add stonework to your exterior, the latest innovations in renovation and remodeling have made it easier and more affordable than ever.


Manufactured stone is artfully crafted to look and feel just like the real thing, opening up a wide work of design options for homeowners interested in upgrading their exterior style. Stone accents can take a home from a boring, relatively basic exterior to something so much more special. And because there are so many different styles and colors of stonework available, you can truly create a customized look that you love.


Upgrade Your Home’s Exterior with Stonework

Although exterior stonework may be a trending style right now, it’s certainly not anything new. Stone has been one of the key exterior materials for centuries, and Mother Nature has been crafting the original stonework for millions of years. Since the Romans constructed the Coliseum and the Egyptians built the famous pyramids, man has been using stone to create distinctly beautiful structures.

Today, the stone you use for your exterior upgrade isn’t exactly the same stone coming from the river beds and mountains of the American wild. Rather, the large majority of stonework is made using manufactured stone. Cast stone (also called “faux stone”) is impressively realistic and far more affordable and accessible than the real deal. Light enough to easily transport and install, manufactured stone is introducing a new generation of homeowners to the beauty of exterior stonework.

How is Manufactured Stone Made?

Wondering how they make the stone used for exterior stonework? The process begins with a concrete mixture that is made with dozen-plus pigments, seamlessly blended to create authentic-looking shades and colors. That mixture is poured into molds that have been made using the contours and edges of real stones. As the mixture sets, it is gently vibrated to infuse the entire “stone” with the pigments for a natural final look.

Where Can You Add Exterior Stonework?

The question isn’t so much where you can use stonework on your exterior, but where you can’t –because the possibilities are virtually limitless.

One of the most obvious ways to use exterior stonework is in the front of your home. Many homeowners have it added to certain areas, such as support pillars, as an accent. Others opt to have stonework added to the entire front façade. Move into backyards and outdoor living areas, and you’ll see lots of stonework as well: outdoor kitchens, fire pits, patio areas, outdoor dining rooms, and rustic seating spaces are all incorporating stonework.

Whether you want to use stone as a subtle accent or a dramatic addition, there is a wide variety of styles and colors to choose from.

Types of Stone for Home Exteriors

Do you want to create a sense of weathered character, or is clean and contemporary more your style? With stone, you really can personalize the look however you’d like.

For example, the Terra Cut stone collection from the ProVia company has a coarse, worn texture that makes it look as if it’s been there for years. In contrast, the Fieldstone series from the same manufacturer is still rugged, but smoother in shape and feel, so it lends an entirely different look.

Exterior Stonework Installation in North East OH

The stonework is a beautiful, unique way to enhance the exterior of your home and create impressive curb appeal. And with so many colors and styles to choose from, you can truly customize a look that suits your taste – and you can be confident that you’ll love it for years to come.

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