Insulated Vinyl Siding: Why Every Home Needs It

May 19, 2020

When insulated vinyl siding was first introduced in the nineties, it was an immediate hit.

Why? Because it’s more durable, more energy-efficient and gives your home a much sleeker look.

What makes it different from traditional vinyl siding is the backing of solid, rigid-foam insulation. By filling any pockets of empty space between the exterior of your house and the siding panels, the insulation makes the siding stiffer, more durable and more resistant to warping than conventional vinyl siding. Here are just a few reasons why getting insulated vinyl siding for your home is the right idea.

It’s more energy-efficient

Insulated vinyl siding blankets your home, providing continuous insulation. It’s the only type of siding that can save you money on utility bills because of the energy savings, which can add up to a lot of savings over time. In fact, studies show that a two-story home without insulated siding can cut heating and cooling costs by an average of 14.2% just by adding insulated vinyl siding. Plus, installing insulated siding can increase your home’s overall airtightness by 11%. A more airtight house means less climate-controlled air escaping and a lower heating or cooling bill for you.

It’s more durable and protects your house from damage

The insulation under the vinyl helps protect your house from damage by keeping the siding firm and in place, making it less susceptible to movement. Because of this, it reduces the number of repairs that you would have to make to the siding over time. With non-insulated vinyl siding, there’s a hollow area between the siding and the wall, so there’s nothing to support the siding or keep it from cracking if it’s hit with baseballs, rocks thrown from lawnmowers or storm debris. By having significantly better impact resistance, insulated vinyl siding protects your home from damage and keeps it looking great.

It makes your house look beautiful

The exterior of a house is a huge part of its curb appeal, and replacing old, worn-out siding is a great way to improve the appearance of your house almost instantly. The firm, insulated rigid-foam backing keeps the siding straighter, which looks much better than crooked siding warped from weather and a lack of insulation. Switching from traditional vinyl siding to insulated can shave years off of its appearance and keep your home always looking freshly renovated, even years later.

It’s the most low-maintenance siding option

Insulated vinyl siding is the lowest maintenance siding product available on the market today. Not only will keeping up with it save you money in the short-term compared to other types of siding, but it’ll save you the hassle and cost of repairs in the long-run as well. For instance, sidings like fiber cement and wood require regular scraping, painting and caulking. Vinyl siding simply requires occasional cleaning with a standard scrub brush, soap, and water from the hose. Easy cleaning combined with the little to no repairs needed thanks to its impact damage protection, insulated vinyl siding is the best option for simple home maintenance.

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