How To Choose the Right Exterior Elements For Your Home

July 2, 2021

As you read about how to make the right choices when designing or renovating your home’s exterior, you’ll learn:

●     How to balance form and function when choosing exterior elements

●     Tips for deciding between exterior paint colors, building materials, design styles, and more

●     How to make sure your exterior home elements complement each other


When selecting elements for a home’s exterior, you can usually count on the homeowners realizing that the decision-making process is far more difficult than they thought it would be. It might seem simple - after all, what’s so hard about picking out a few paint colors or anew garage door? But actually, it can get very complicated, very quickly.


Before you find yourself feeling overwhelmed at the prospect of upgrading the exterior of your home, our experts are here to lend a helping hand. We’ve created a short and simple guide eliminating the guesswork from exterior renovation and design, giving you all the tips you need to be confident in the choices you make for your home.

How to Choose Colors, Materials and More for Your Exterior

Your experience with an exterior remodel is going to depend on the size and scope of your project. For example, are you simply planning to change your front door's paint color, or are you preparing for brand-new siding, roofing, or windows? As you can imagine, the larger the project, the more decisions you’ll have to make.


Here are some of our top tips for selecting exterior elements, broken down into categories for easy browsing.


Durability is key when it comes to roofing materials, but aesthetics also matter. Different roofing materials will vary in terms of costs and life expectancies, and your best option can often depend on your geographic location/climate, budget, and other factors. Metal and shingle roofing are two of the most popular styles, mainly because they offer good durability for the price.


In some cases, it can be a bad idea to go with the cheapest quote you receive. Proper installation is incredibly important, making all the difference for safety and staying power alike. Take the time to research roofers in your area, so you can be sure that you’re trusting one that won’t disappoint. Don’t forget to ask about roof warranties because you may learn something that affects your decision.

Vinyl Siding

Low-free and designed to resist fading, rotting, and peeling, vinyl siding is a solid investment in your exterior. If you want your home to have a more custom look, custom siding made from premium materials could be the perfect route.


When you’re looking at color schemes for your house, contrast is a must. Ideally, your siding and roof should be contrasting colors. The simplest way to achieve this is to use multiple shades of the same color (such as blue) on the siding, roof, and architectural details. Usually, homeowners opt for a lighter siding and a darker roof because the “top-down”look has excellent curb appeal.


Keep in mind that siding can be a useful medium to draw attention to or away from certain features. For example, siding in a bright color can be added to certain sections of a home to add dimension and highlight specific elements. A good rule of thumb is that lighter colors accentuate a feature, while darker shades minimize them.


New windows should “make sense” with the rest of your exterior and not have them stick out like a sore thumb. Draw inspiration from the existing architectural style of your home, and use your family lifestyle and style preferences for guidance as well. There are many variations on the size, shape, and style of windows, and you even have options when it comes to how the windows function and even their energy efficiency.


You can expect to be considering four factors during the process:

●     Frame

●     Glass

●     Design

●     Installation


In a select few situations,  preserving the historic integrity of a home calls for restoring, rather than replacing, the windows. However, for most homes, the benefits of new windows make it an easy choice to make.


Your front door is your chance to make an excellent first impression, so choose wisely.


When you’re considering a front door paint color, you have a few options. Older homes may be best suited by historically accurate colors, while others may choose a vibrant shade for a fun accent color. Of course, neutral tones are almost always a safe bet.


Front door materials come in three general categories, each one with its own pros and cons. Understanding your possible choices will help you make a better-informed selection:

●     Steel doors are extremely secure and durable, and some are covered in a vinyl coating to increase weather resistance. Suppose you live somewhere with very hot or very cold temperatures. In that case, you may want to consider a thermal break to minimize the loss of energy efficiency that can sometimes occur with this material.

●     Wood doors are a classic style and are offered in a huge range of colors, stains, and finishes. Keep in mind that wood doors should be in a protected or shaded area; otherwise, you’ll end up doing a lot of maintenance.

●     Fiberglass and composite doors are extremely tough and require next to no maintenance. Today’s styles do an impressive job mimicking the look of natural wood and tend to have outstanding manufacturer warranties.

Garage Doors

Most homeowners don’t even think about buying anew garage door until their current one is damaged or broken. However, upgrading your garage door can have a surprising impact on the look of your home. A premium door can give a standard builder-grade house the unique touch you would expect to see in a custom home.


Look at accent colors that complement the rest of your home’s exterior color palette, and aim for a style that matches your existing architecture. Like any exterior elements, garage doors are not all created equally - be sure to ask about the thickness, R-value, and warranty of the options you’re considering.


Custom stonework can transform your home, adding character, color, and texture. A certain level of skill is involved in the installation process, mainly because you want it to look like an element always part of the home.


The texture, surface area, profile, and color of stones play a part in the overall effect. One of the best ways to decide which product is right for you is to place samples where the stonework will be added and then assess them throughout the day.

Make the Right Investment with Kline Exteriors

For many homeowners, making improvements to their home’s exterior is a balancing act of sorts. There’s personal style, budget, and quality to take into consideration, as well as the dilemma of how to make your house unique while still making sure it fits into the neighborhood. But above all, one of the most important decisions you’ll ever make about upgrading the exterior of your home is selecting the company you trust to get the job done.


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