How The Legacy of Amish Craftsmanship Has Shaped Kline Home Exteriors

May 19, 2020

It’s no secret that the Amish community has long been known for a rich legacy in craftsmanship, tradition and hard work.

For most people, the word “Amish” is synonymous with intricately detailed furniture, handcrafted in one of the hundreds of wood shops nestled in rural Ohio. For others, the term “Amish” might evoke thoughts about the amount of intense dedication it takes for members of the community to be a farmer in a modern world, but without modern technologies.

our amish crews installing a roof
our amish crews installing a stone

The Amish are of course known for their choices to live without many current conveniences, but more than that, they are known for their meticulous attention to detail, highly skilled workmanship and their efficiency on the job. For many, once they choose a trade, they become masters of it and commit to a lifetime of providing unparalleled service. There is a strong desire to provide only their best effort, continuously build their skill set and immerse themselves fully into a trade. This has been their way of life for hundreds of years.

Kline Home Exteriors was founded upon many of these values and has remained true to them since their start in 1992 in the Amish community of Dundee, Ohio. There is a unique dynamic between the team members at Kline because many employees share a common background or connection to the Amish lifestyle. From the sales team to administration and crews, similar ideals and values exist throughout the company that become the reason our team stands out.

beautiful amish country hillside in Holmes county ohio

How does this distinctive background translate into the work done by Kline Home Exteriors? There is a common goal to bring satisfaction to customers through a job well done. It’s normal for young men in the Amish community to finish school through the 8th grade and become well versed in a trade. Because they begin working at a young age, they quickly gain knowledge, skill and experience. By the time an average person would graduate college to begin a professional career, a young Amish craftsman could be considered an expert within his trade. This is what makes Amish crews so efficient and precise; the combined experience of multiple skilled tradesmen working on a project results in seamless performance and a beautifully finished project. Our customers can always be at ease knowing that the jobs we carry out are in the hands of accomplished experts.

Connection and community is a core attribute of the Amish culture. These are also values that translate from our heritage into the work that we carry out. Our team has a desire to build a relationship with our customer that is as strong as the quality of the work we do. Owners Dan Yoder & Scott Wengerd have a mission: to impact every home that we touch. This means more than a cosmetic upgrade to your home. We want your household to be enhanced with quality materials and workmanship, but we also want to leave every homeowner feeling confident about the entire project from start to finish. We want to build more than a project with you; we want to build a relationship and trust. We want your experience working with Kline to add value to your life in any way possible.

our amish crews installing a deck
our amish crews installing a deck

The idea of “impacting every home that we touch”, also means caring for and cultivating our employees. The strong sense of community within our culture means that our employees are well cared for and appreciated. The employees at Kline have a strong motivation to go above and beyond to provide excellent construction work. This might mean grabbing a sandwich, but not completely stopping for lunch, just to make sure the task at hand meets its deadline. It might mean taking time to go the extra mile instead of a quick fix to ensure longevity of the construction and materials. Our teams work very hard, but their efforts never go unnoticed. Kline supports their employees by providing a work environment that makes them feel valued and respected. Although the roofing industry is highly competitive within the job market, our crews see very little turnover because at Kline, our team members feel satisfied and fulfilled with their careers.

We’re not the average exterior solutions company because we don’t have the average employees. Many of our crew members have close to a decade of experience by the time the average college graduate starts to look for a career. Because of their dedication to the trade, they are able to complete a job with precision and efficiency. The common goals, shared work experience, values and cultural background gives an added sense of comradery that really makes our crews more of a team than a “crew”. Our management team recognizes and values this unique dynamic and works hard to maintain satisfaction for our employees, which results in satisfaction for our customers.

An investment with Kline Home Exteriors is different. It’s about more than upgrading your home; it’s about putting your trust in a team that has your best interest in mind and wants a relationship with you. Our deep roots in the Amish culture have prepared us with the skills, service and desire to bring you solutions for your home. We look forward to serving you for any of your home or remodel solutions.