COVID Update

May 27, 2020

We are in uncertain time right now and we wanted to provide an update for all of our customers, and potential customers.

We are currently being sensitive each individual customers needs and requests.  We need to do inspections for all areas of improvement (roofing, siding, windows, decks, etc).  These inspections can be conducted without contact, maintaining a safe distance.  

Once the inspection is completed the findings are submitted for an estimate.  When the estimate is complete the Kline representative will present the estimate however you are most comfortable.  We can email the estimate and have a phone call, we can do a FaceTime or Video call, we can drop the estimate off to you.  You let us know what you would prefer.

Due to the health and safety of our crews they will not be wearing masks while working.  However, they will maintain a safe distance have no contact with the homeowners.

If you have any other questions regarding these policies we encourage you to ask your Kline representative, or call us at the office:  (330)601-2749.