5 Questions To Ask Yourself Before Starting A Home Improvement Project

March 9, 2020

What Does The Plan For Your Home Improvement Project Include?

Undertaking a home improvement project of any size requires a lot of planning, patience and persistence. You may need to select a contractor to oversee the process or, if you are managing the project yourself, you will need to coordinate the activities of numerous subcontractors to ensure that the renovation goes smoothly, comes in on time and, on or under budget.

composite deck in rustic walnut
envision composite deck in woodland bark

None of these issues can be ignored without the potential of sabotaging all of your hard work and delivering a renovation that leaves you unsatisfied and wondering why you decided to do it in the first place.

You can avoid this sad outcome.

There are questions that are equally as important as those described above, which are not always contemplated prior to hiring a contractor or getting your first bids. This list below represents some areas of vital concern that should be answered in the very beginning of the planning process.

1. What Is My Main Goal?

While this question may seem a bit simplistic, there is more to answering it then saying, “I want to put a new roof on the house,” or “we need new garage doors.” Think in terms that go the real core of why you want to go through the process of remodeling your home.

  • Will the new addition or renovation increase the enjoyment your family experiences while in the home?
  • Perhaps you want to sell the house and the added or renovated space is mainly for the purpose of increasing the curb appeal and/or resale value.

Answering these questions at very beginning of your planning journey will help lead you in the right direction and assist you in choosing the project(s) that make the most sense.

If your main goal is to increase the enjoyment you get from your home, a new deck or patio may be the best choice. However, if curb appeal and resale are what you are after then new energy efficient windows, garage doors and siding would make more sense.

The focus of your plan may change drastically depending upon your main goal.

2. How Long Am I Planning To Stay In This Home?

  • Are you baby-boomers that plan to make your current home your final dream home? Then considering projects that will reduce the need for maintenance as you age makes sense. Safety will also become a major concern if your mobility decreases. Areas of your home that are currently in disrepair should be at the top of the list to get fixed.
  • Maybe you are a young person who has just purchased an older home and wants to remodel it and resell it in order to take advantage of the great real estate market right now. Your plan may need just a couple of years to complete before you sell and move on.
  • If you plan to stay in your home for many years, then energy efficiency could be a real concern. New energy efficient replacement windows and insulated siding can help bring down your monthly utility bills while adding beauty and resale value to your home.
Standing Seam Metal Roof ( Matte Black GripTex)
Smooth Matte Black Standing Seam Metal Roof

3. What Is The Most Important Thing To Me?

Every home improvement project faces this important question: Do I want the best quality or the lowest price?  Of course, everyone knows the answer:  I want the best quality AND the lowest price.

Everyone also knows that this is impossible to achieve.

In fact, price should never be the guiding factor in deciding which contractor or product to use in any remodeling project. You want a fair price for great quality. The reputation of the company you choose to use should be the first consideration.

A professional remodeling company will have multiple references that can confirm their excellent service and a company with great references will also offer a great warranty.  That proves that they stand behind their workmanship.

4. Do I Have A Realistic Budget?

A home improvement project can be one of the largest expenses you encounter during your time as a homeowner. Yes, they add value to your home and most remodels prove to be an investment that pays dividends when you sell. But in order to get the greatest bang for your buck, you must be prepared to pay for the work that you want done.

This may seem obvious, but many homeowners start a project without having done any research on what a similar project should cost. There are many resources on the internet that will help you determine what the cost might be for new siding or a new metal roof on your home or any other home improvement project you might be considering.

The point is to make sure that you have at least that amount of money available, as well as 10-15% extra in case something unexpected comes up – which often does when you are renovating.

Nothing will cause more stress in a home than getting half way through the project and discovering that you are out of money and the job isn’t complete. Financing part, or all, of your project may also be an option.

5. When would I like to have this home improvement project completed?

When considering your project, think about the daily activities that take up your time. Some home improvement upgrades can take more than a week and may require your attention during the day to answer questions.

Other renovations require only a day or two to complete.

Knowing your ideal timeframe to complete the project will be a benefit to you and the contractor. Scheduling is a big factor is making a renovation go smoothly, and when you and the installers are on the same page as far as timing goes, there are smiles everywhere! Here is some great advice: avoid scheduling a remodeling project near a major holiday. If there are any unforeseen problems it will be hard to get them resolved before your guests arrive.

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